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About Yasmin Al Tellawy

Yasmin Al Tellawy

Yasmin Al Tellawy is a freelance investigative journalist, producer, filmmaker, photographer, writer & also works in humanitarian assistance. Yasmin also assists in logistical demands & more. 

Yasmin has been covering the Middle East primarily for over 13 years & covered Syria since the beginning of the conflict. 
Her focus is in human interest stories. Investigations have included human rights abuse, human trafficking, corruption, the sex trade, war and much more. 

Yasmin prefers to work privately and keep the focus on the story and out of the public eye with her work. Please contact her for any information you may require. 

Yasmin covers TV, film, print and has assisted on theatre & screenplay adaptations. Her work has been featured on Euronews, Channel 4, ITN, ZDF Germany, France 24, CNN, The Times and much more worldwide. Her work has been awarded various prizes, along with many nominations. 

Yasmin has worked within the media industry internationally for over 20 years & also has been involved with humanitarian assistance worldwide for over 18 years. Organisations have included working with the homeless, victims of sexual abuse, poverty, emergency assistance & animal rescue. Prior to founding Globally United in 2012, Yasmin had her own charity assisting the homeless, and also worked extensively in animal rescue. 

With a wealth of experience worldwide in humanitarian work, crisis regions, conflict zones & within the media Yasmin is able to adapt to any situation or requirements for any job.

Yasmin Al Tellawy is a member of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), National Union of Journalists (NUJ), The Chartered Institute of Journalists (CIOJ) & those listed below.