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Globally United

Globally United was founded by Yasmin Al Tellawy in 2012. Globally United is dedicated to sharing peace & love within the world, independent of political or religious beliefs. The belief is simple; we are one in this world. 
Working alongside large charitable organisations for many years, the waste of public donations & corruption within many organisations, along with the outcry for assistance within Syria, Yasmin founded Globally United. 

The primary aim was to assist victims of rape, sexual violence & sexual exploitation due to the crisis in Syria. Safe shelters were arranged for women where they could seek the medical care, psychological support, privacy & protection they required in the culture. Individual care is offered to victims on a one-to-one basis with assured privacy. Today, thousands of women have found assistance through Globally United, now able to care for their children once again, work and provide for their families, and education for the youth. 

With the high demand of assistance required, Globally United expanded further, also offering; family assistance on an individual basis, emergency medical care within the conflict of Syria, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) care, neonatal care, and much more. Globally United assists in all areas possible. We also work with donors on a personal basis to direct their donation exactly where and how they want it to be used.

Globally United operates with volunteers only. 100% of any donation is used directly towards the cause. There are no salaries in the organisation, no donations spent on advertising costs, all travel, accommodation (where required), any any other expenses for staff are out of pocket. Donations are not used for expense shipping & customs costs from country to country, any goods required are bought locally or at the expense of the donor.
The majority of volunteers now working with Globally United are former refugees from Syria. We have a team of dedicated volunteers with a vast array of knowledge and expertise including surgeons, medical staff, journalists, aid workers, lawyers, social workers and more. 

Globally United is a UK registered organisation solely depending on donations to operate.
It is a small organisation and depends If you would like to learn more or make a donation, please get in touch.