Yasmin Al Tellawy

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Yasmin Al Tellawy currently films on Canon 5D Mark III primarily, along with go pro cameras & drone footage, and can also edit any footage; using Final Cut Pro X.

Film work has been broadcast worldwide on many leading channels. 

If you are interested in working alongside Yasmin, or hiring for a news piece, investigation, documentary or any other requirements please do not hesitate to get in touch for rates and to discuss your story. 

Yasmin has worked as a field producer for many news organisations & other filmmakers and is able to assist in a multitude of requirements you may have. If you need a camerawoman, full production services, creative direction or anything else please get in touch. Fixer services are also available in certain regions. 

Since 2011, Yasmin has been working as producer in the middle east; primarily Syria and across Europe. 

Amira Productions was founded in 2010. Amira Productions is committed to documentaries educating the world on the humanitarian crisis our world faces, along with news broadcasts. 50% of all income is donated to assist the cause appropriately associated with the broadcast.